I am a private pilot rated for single engine land airplanes and helicopters. I have around 200 hours of PIC time about evenly divided between rotor and fixed wing.

I did my fixed-wing training at American Flyers at DuPage Airport (DPA) in suburban Chicago, using Cessna 172s.

I did my rotor-wing training at a place called Eagle Air Helicopters, which was based out of Aurora Municipal Airport (ARR) in suburban Chicago, in Hughes 269 piston helicopters. I've done some additional training with Helicopter Adventures in Concord, California (starting in 1987, when it was just Patrick and Stephen in a trailer) and Advanced Helicopter Concepts in Frederick, Maryland, in Robinson R-22s.

I have been a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) since 1986.

I currently perform business and engineering consulting in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area (see www.rdss.com for more information). I also provide computer hardware, software and security consulting and programming (see www.decodesystems.com).

In my spare time I write a monthly column for a radio communications magazine (see www.signalharbor.com).

7D3 runway
Baldwin, Michigan (7D3)

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